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Things are really starting to click here at the Secondary School. There hasn’t been any huge changes but you can feel the community coming together. Funnily enough I think this shift has been due to a change which is in no way revolutionary – it is just the right timing. This year at the secondary school the focus has shift more towards year level teaching teams as opposed to subject teams.

This slight shift has helped promote a new level of professional dialogue. Discussions are focusing on how to group students, lesson pacing, targeting student’s individual learning needs and things along these lines – the type of talk we all have always aimed for.

It is amazing how such a small change can affect the environment of the whole school so quickly.

Reaching out

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  • Hi Will. I hope you don’t mind me asking but how/why did that change to year level teams occur? Many years ago we taught in year level teams (I was a beginning teacher and didn’t really understand the pedagogy). After introducing the IB Middle Years Program we moved back to year level subject teams to redesign our teaching and curriculum around the IB principles. We work beautifully in these teams and do collaborate across year levels to develop interdisciplinary units but maybe it is time to add another level of depth to our teaching.

  • I never mind answer questions. To give you a little back ground our Secondary school is both a middle and a high school. Teachers in the secondary teach in both the middle and high school programs. In the passed the main team people we in was their department.

    Near the end of last school year there was a discussion about how we could better meet the pastoral needs of our students and it was decided that all teachers should be part of a year level team. This didn’t mean that the subject teams disappear it just meant that a new structure was imposed. This might seem like more work and I guess it might end up working that way but it has helped to provide a more collaborative and unified approach across year levels when working with students – organizational techniques, instructional ideas, follow up, etc.

    It is going to require a balancing act in order to preserve the strengths of both the year level and the subject teams but at the moment it looks like it might just work.

  • Glad to hear that it seems to be working!
    Have you also implemented team teachers in terms of the subjects that students study or is it still at this stage a pastoral approach?

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