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What Is Happening Out There?

May 25, 2012 by     No Comments    Posted under: Communicate

When I was going through my RSS feed the other day I realised that the world is “swimming in data“. There is so much amazing stuff coming out about basically every aspect of our society – student debt, rising sea level, transportation and so much more. But do we know what is actually going on in our own backyard?

Here at school we have been playing around with our ICT survey for the passed few months and have been trying to work out what do we actually want to know about our community. We want to see how effective our ICT services, support and integration program are but we have realised how difficult it is to structure a survey to really get the information we are looking for.

As I write this we have been working on this survey for the best part of 3 months. The process have been an amazing experience (although at times I wish I could be done with it):

  • Brainstorm – thinking about what do we actually want to know and start the process with this in mind
  • Reflection – look at previous school surveys to identify question types and results
  • Collaboration – working together with other schools to develop common questions through which we can compare our results
  • Develop – construct the survey and think about how questions should be structured
  • Trial – asked sample groups of colleagues and students to test the survey out and provide feedback
  • Redesign – constantly rework and rejig our survey as the process goes on
We are approaching the time when we will distribute the survey and I have to say I am a bit nervous. Will this “sea of data” help us change our practice to better meet the needs of our student? I certainly hope so. Let’s see how things go.

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