Refocus the Model

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This post is a follow up to an earlier post – Perfect Blend

Is there a perfect blend out there? Finding that right balance is a challenge in all areas of life. Finding this blend in my position as an ICT coach has been a constantly evolving process. Balancing class time, resource development, just in time support and general IT support is a tough role.

As an ICT department we are in the process of actually defining our blend. We want to get it down on paper and have it as a document which we can base our practice around.

So here is our refine blend:

75% – Coaching (Individualized Coaching with teachers mixed with Just-In-Time classroom/technical support)

25% – General Support (Workshops, Resource Development, Professional Development and Sharing Professional Practice)

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by Leo Reynolds
We are still further clarifying the full break down of the various areas but it looks like things are coming together. This blend encompasses some of the best features of the blends I have used in the passed but has a different element which may really help further student learning. We will see how this blend matures.

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