On this page you will find a number of the presentations that I have given.

New International School of Thailand – Bangkok, Thailand – In School PD Session: The Amazing Race

As the ICT coordinator I working on ways to genuinely integrate ICT experienes into the curriculum, whilst also providing a framework for documenting ICT experiences during the curriculum planning process. In this workshop teachers were presented with a range of “Amazing Race” style challenges. These challenges all involved the use of ICT and required teachers to complete an activity that they could use with their classes. After the challenges were complete we explored where these experiences could fit into the curriculum and developed a framework to enable the documentation of ICT experiences in the curriculum planning process.

Over the years I have always been interested in documenting student learning. As I moved into the role of ICT coordinator this interest has focused on the development of electronic portfolios (e-portfolios). I developed and delivered this presentation as part of a broader discussion on the role e-portfolios play in the learning process. During my presentation I drew focus to difference between assessments “of learning” and assessments “for learning”.

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