Classroom Connection: Expression

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“I wish I was encouraged to express my feelings more when I was younger”

This is the line that really caught me in this class. An IB student was talking to a room full of year 7 students about how expressing herself through her writing and performances has changed her life. Her comment was not made as a slight against her previous experiences but more a call to action to these year 7 students to share their passions. She challenged them to write about the events and friendships that they are involved in now.

“Do you need to write a poem about the flowing blue water? Why don’t you write about the experiences of one of the characters from a Halo game?”

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by Visualogist

This discussion made me realise the power of real life examples, role models, play in a student’s development. Having a person who students can make a connection with whilst also pushing the student’s thinking is an empowering thing. Students need to see that their learning can make a difference – not just to the world around them but also to themselves.

If you want to hear more about this student’s thoughts take a look at her TEDx talk from last year

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