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I have now entered the second decade of my teacher career. This amazing experience has taken me around the world and allowed me to meet Olivia who now is my wife. Luckily for me this journey will keep continuing.

This journey started from the eastern beaches of Sydney, Australia. After spending a few years teaching in Australia I was ready to see what other experiences were out there for me. So I packed up and moved to the small town of Stavanger, Norway. After some great times there I decided to move to mainland Europe. By this time I had already meet Olivia (she is Swiss) which made the decision of where to move pretty easy. To make things even better I was able to find a position at Zurich International School which is a fantastic school. After five years of exploring the Alps, that desire to explore new things came around again and this time it saw both Olivia and I moving to Bangkok. The New International School of Thailand (NIST) had offered me a position and it was too good to turn down. We spent four wonderful years there before deciding to return to Zurich.

As I am writing this I find it difficult to believe the adventures that I have had both professionally and personally. I hope some of this amazement comes through in what I have on my website.

Will Kirkwood

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